My boys are Browns fans

If you are from Cleveland nobody needs to tell you that of all the major

Thirty Dollar Thursday

As I warned you, I’m going to share some of the hidden gems in my¬†

Questions from a five year old

It is easy to forget that things adults “just know” are clouded in mystery to

I still call them albums

Today I mentioned on Facebook that my boys and I were listening to Christmas music

Do we see too much baseball? Impossible!

John played a doubleheader today, and the little brothers had to find some way to

The obligitory Updated WordPress post

As I warned last week – I updated the software that makes this blog thingy

Looking like a little slugger

Joyce and I were looking at old movies on our computer and came across this.

Grade School Quiz

I recently posted a picture from third grade. Darn I was a dashing young man

Captains Manager Kicking (Expletive) and Taking Names

It is no secret that I’m a big Lake County Captains fan. We’ve had great

The Count is full – or is it (he) even?

Back when I was a kid, the scoreboard at Cleveland Municipal stadium had a cartoon