Time for school pictures

Well. Autumn is now officially here, I really don’t care what the calendar says or

I am not a warlock

Given the furor over the recently revealed video of Christine O’Donnell saying she dabbled in

The rarity of silence

I’ve watched some of the coverage of Benedict XVI as he visited the UK these

Dusting off the vinyl – Electric Moog Orchestra

I’ve owned a USB audio interface for several months now and just finally hooked it

My boys are Browns fans

If you are from Cleveland nobody needs to tell you that of all the major

Thirty Dollar Thursday

As I warned you, I’m going to share some of the hidden gems in my 

Questions from a five year old

It is easy to forget that things adults “just know” are clouded in mystery to

I still call them albums

Today I mentioned on Facebook that my boys and I were listening to Christmas music

Do we see too much baseball? Impossible!

John played a doubleheader today, and the little brothers had to find some way to

The obligitory Updated WordPress post

As I warned last week – I updated the software that makes this blog thingy