Age of Aquarius – why was it so popular?

Part of the fun of my record collection is that I’m amused by songs that were made popular in one style, but were recorded in another style. Often the song is a chart topper, and the other artists seem to riding on the coattails.

I remember when I was in  grade school,  each class would perform some song or dance in an all-school program once or twice a year. Not many stand out. One that do recall was when I was in first or second grade the eighth-graders performed Age of Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In. I don’t know what kind of groovy mind blowing psychedelia they must of dropped on us. But it did make an impression.

I don’t think it sounded like Larry Chesky and his Orchestra. But this brings me back to a Catholic grade school auditorium in the early 70’s. I’m dragging you with me.