Dropping some old school polka rhymes

I posted Hang On Sloopy in the polka style earlier. It was from an album of what at the time were modern popular tunes filtered through a polka lens. Larry Chesky and his Orchestra were responsible for that, for better or worse.

But Larry Chesky can also bring it old school Polish polka style. Tonight’s album has Larry and his crew backing Regina Kujawa on Hello Lalka. She toured the Midwest with the Orchestra and they cut the album Hello Lalka right afterwords.

Most of the album is what I must assume are traditional Polish tunes. I know virtually nothing about Polish heritage and culture. I liked Karol Woltya a lot. I admire their bravery in WWII. Polish sausage is good, too.

I need to learn more, I suppose. My children have Polish blood by virtue of Joyce’s grandmother. But for now, let’s polka.

Here is the title track Hello Lalka. To be honest, I think it needs Louis Armstrong’s help.

Here is the Pretty Girl (Piekna Dziewczyna) Polka

And let’s end with theĀ  Mary Had a Little Lamb (Marysa Baranek) Polka. Because it doesn’t get much more old school than a lamb that follows a girl to school one day.