Hang On Sloopy – Polka Style!

My LP digitization project continues. After I posted a link to Hawaiian style organ music, some of my friends inquired about the availability of polka music. I have polka music. This album is part of my collection due to the extreme generosity of my eldest brother. He happened upon a cache of closeout albums and he knew they would make a wonderful gift. Thank you, Joe.

These selections are from Super Hits Dance Party by Larry Chesky and his Orchestra. No copyright is evident on the album sleeve. Based on the tracks I’d put it at about a 1973 release date.

I’ll quote the album notes:

If you want a really good time, all you need is the desire…and this album! …

The music of today is what today’s young people understand. And the timeless polka beat is what everybody understands. So Larry puts them both together in an exciting musical package.

This version of Hang On Sloopy isn’t really a full-on polka. But it is delightful none-the-less. Don’t you agree?

If you are looking for a more full-flavored polka interpretation of a hit in another genre, you are in luck. Like country music? Like polka music? You will like this polka version of Gentle On My Mind.

Glenn Campbellski couldn’t do it better.