Hawaiian Magic gets me in a skating mood

My random grab into the big record bin produced Hawaiian Magic by Ken Griffin.  This is a Columbia release from 1958. Another one of my thrift store finds, I’m virtually certain that I picked it up because it has a version of Harbor Lights, which my parents called “our song”.

What struck me most as I listened to this album was how strongly I associate organ music with roller rinks and carousels. At least Wurlitzer style organs. Pipe organs are associated with church, of course.

I’m guessing I’m among the last generation to remember skating to the sounds of this type of organ music. Walton’s Roller Rink in Mentor-on-the-Lake still played it when I was very young. Most folks my age probably remember better the disco and rock with neon lights and feathered hair at United Skates of America.

These days the only place you hear organ music is at carnivals or  amusement parks that have a merry-go-round. So grab some cotton candy or lace up your skates and enjoy some Island Magic.