Jackie Gleason was a band leader?

Jackie Gleason is probably best remembered for his comedy. Specifically, most will know him from The Honeymooners. But I don’t really remember his character Ralph Kramden romancing Alice with a little seductive music.

The real-life Jackie Gleason, however, made some very smooth music meant to put the little lady in the right mood. My hat is off to Jackie. Apparently the man could not play any instrument or even read or write music but that didn’t stop him from leading an orchestra that made best-selling albums. That’s something I aspire to.

And that brings us to tonight’s LP to digits project. Gleason released an album called Jackie Gleason presents Velvet Brass. Here is the liner notes tease –

Sensuous, sophisticated…a new musical concept that embodies the luxurious richness of velvet and the masculine brilliance of bright burnished brass.

The album consists of jazz and pop standards of the day. I decided to let my software automatically detect the tracks on this pass at digitizing. It didn’t go so well. I don’t know of the false endings or the popping and hissing threw it off. In any case, you are getting a two-for one deal here. You’re Driving Me Crazy and Skyliner just kind of ran together.

And just because I’ve liked this song by various artists for many years, here’s September Song. Never mind the pops and scratches, somehow I think it adds authenticity to the experience. Just imagine your date is on the couch, pour yourself a scotch and drop the needle on your record player.