Preschool wisdom from the apple orchard

I had the pleasure of accompanying Patrick’s preschool class to Eddy Fruit Farm today. It is a tradition now that Daddy takes the boys to the apple farm for the field trip. I went with James’ kindergarten class last week to Patterson’s. In previous years I took John.

So I’ve been to one or the other apple farm on at least four trips in recent years. And you would be amazed at what you can still learn. For instance, I learned that the official apple of the State of Ohio is the Melrose. Farmer Eddy taught us that.

But the best part is when the instructors have a Q & A with the preschoolers. Three-year-olds are not shy about talking a wild guess when asked a question.

Patrick picks an apple at Eddy Fruit FarmFor instance, Farmer Eddy said that they are picking so many apples at this time of year that they can’t put them all in in the store and sell them. What do you think we do with the rest of the apples? Patrick was quick to blurt out “Eat them!”

The nice lady reading the book about baking apple pies asked what spice people use in apple pie. Pat offered “Apple Pie Spice”. I think she was looking for cinnamon, bit when you think about it, any spice that is used onĀ  making apple pie really is apple pie spice.

Mr. Eddy and the nice ladies at story time have probably seen hundreds of preschoolers, perhaps thousands through the years. I tip my hat to how kind an patient they are with the little ones. And I can’t wait to see them next year.

By the way, you can find Eddy Fruit Farm on Facebook