Blazing bouzoukis, it’s a Hellenic hoedown

I think regular readers of this blog will agree my musical taste is wide-ranging. But every now and then even I have a hard time grooving with the tunes on a first listen. That’s the case with the Greek music from John Liatsis and his Meraklides Singers and Orchestra.

The album is called Recorded Live at a Greek Party (Volume Four) and I’m thinking that all the really accessible pop tunes were all on Volumes 1-3. That’s not to say they are not fine musicians. And if you could see the album art, there are a couple of hotties belly dancing.
(Sorry, my scanner won’t accommodate an LP cover)

If I haven’t scared you off yet, let’s tell a mini-story through song titles.

Hasapiko (Gypsy Dance)

Mour Moura (Nagging Wife)

Vasilim Tama Takiasou (William Your Eyes Are Roving)

I might be crazy, but I think a couple of these tunes would be good re-interpreted by a Doors cover band or serve as a good loop sample in a Hip-Hop tune. You’re right, I’m crazy.

Update: When I wrote the title of this post, I assumed that Hellenic Hoedown was a new coinage. Turns out there is a composition by that name and it is really cool ->