Cleveland did C.A.R.E. in 1985

Remember how the U.K. rockers recorded Do They Know It’s Christmas, and that prompted the U.S. rockers to record We Are The World? Both were efforts to raise awareness and money for African famine relief. If you are of a certain age (over 35) and from a certain city (Cleveland) you might also recall The Eyes Of the Children by C.A.R.E. (Cleveland Artists Recording for Ethiopia).

Cleveland produced a few well-known artists like the Dazz Band, the Raspberries,  and Ben Orr from the Cars who participated. But there were also band members from regional acts like Beau Coupe, Moonlight Drive, Paul Fayreweather – and the quintessential Cleveland band in the 80’s -MSB.

I remember hearing this on WMMS and thought it was a pretty good song. The sentiments are in the right place and it really is unmistakeably a 1985 pop anthem. I’m posting the Edited Version which runs about five minutes. The Long Version is over seven minutes. But in either case, I think they started repeating themselves at about the two minute mark.

By the way, proceeds from the album went to U.S.A. for Africa Foundation and the Ohio Hunger Task Force. There is a order form where you could order pins, T-shirts and the like with the silk-screened logo for C.A.R.E. Being 1985 one of the items available was a turquoise muscle shirt.