Elevator music to groove at a party

Elevator music is generally a dismissive term for songs performed instrumentally in a staid manner that is often hardly recognizable as the same tune as the original (more popular) version.

I’ve always had a little more respect for elevator music. Firstly, I have to respect the fact that these are real musicians earning a paycheck. You have to respect anyone making an honest living, particularly if he or she has skills you don’t. Secondly, I don’t mind soothing music in confined spaces that are hurtling me hundreds of feet off the ground.

I suppose the Riviera Strings can be said to make elevator music. I’ve digitized their album from the late 60’s called Love Is Blue. You might be familiar with the title track as it was a big hit by Paul Marriott. I’m not going to share that with you. This cover sounds so much like the original there really is no point to it.

I would like to share, however, their version of Theme From Bonnie And Clyde. I’ve always heard it called Foggy Mountain Breakdown. The banjo pickin’ features mighty fleetĀ  fingers. But the strings kind of keep it all in elevator land. (Come to think of it, I might not want to hear a song with “breakdown” in the title on an elevator ride.)

The second track I would like to share just screams 1960’s popular music to me. Lulu had a big hit from To Sir With Love. I far prefer the instrumental version found on this album for one reason: Lulu isn’t singing.

By the way, the title for this post is taken from the liner notes –

Whether you listen to these exquisite sounds in the privacy of your home or groove them at a party, the result will be the same: TOTAL ENJOYMENT!