Nadir of news

The local and national television and radio news media has accomplished what I thought was nearly impossible. They have caused me to regard them with even lower esteem. The tragedy at Virginia Tech is being exploited beyond belief. Please tell me, WKYC, why you send an anchor to Virginia to cover the story? What can you possibly add that better informs your Cleveland audience that you could not accomplish from the studio and wire reports? It is sensationalism, even if your motto is “Respect. Report”.  To be fair, I do not even watch the other local stations, they might be even worse.

I started a blog nobody read…

That is a good song by The Sprites. It describes the vast majority of blogs that exist, I am convinced. Not that this is really a problem, exactly. Perhaps all the folks pouring hearts out in the ether is a safety valve of some sort. I am not one to share my deepest hopes, dreams and fears. This is particularly true in a medium that is as private as a post card. A post card that is reproduced on the gigantic screens in Times Square.