Looking like a little slugger

Joyce and I were looking at old movies on our computer and came across this. Here we see John emulating his favorite Indian at the time, Coco Crisp. John still LOVES baseball. He might be a little embarrassed if his current teammates see this. But what good is having old video if you can’t use it to embarrass the people in it? Note to my family  members – this rule does not apply to Super 8 movies from the 70s.

Looking Like an All-Star

Our eldest is crazy about baseball. From morning until night everyday the topic will usually turn to who the Indians should try and get or when he will play next. If he can’t play, he makes up imaginary line score on imaginary line-ups. And then there is always Wii MLB 2K10 – something to get us through the winter.

He is seven years old now. But here is a link to a  clip from when he was two. Coco Crisp played for the Indians then. I think that is one of the reasons he is a lefty at the plate.

Slugger Jack 2005


Master of Sock Puppets

I recently found a cache of pictures from my childhood. That can be fun. It is made even more fun these days because today’s technology allows a much larger audience to reminisce with you. I scanned several and shared them on Facebook.

Here is a cropped version for the latest “Looking Like..” entry. I look like a kid who realizes he’s got a pretty crummy sock puppet, but also sees that his classmates are not really doing much better.  I really don’t have a great memory for details of grade school. This day day I do remember, however. That was a wool sock and by the time our little story-time play was over my hand and forearm were blazing, itching mess. I also vaguely remember that there was some drama with my mother that morning surrounding my last minute demand for a fully-formed billy goat sock puppet. Poor woman. I suspect that my brother Joe was mysteriously missing one of his socks soon before school started.

Looking like a ghost town

What can I tell you? Four kids and a job that has me working from home most evenings equals little motivation to blog.

Excuses are like a-holes; everybody’s got ’em and they all stink. So I’ll try to get back to it. And then I’ll also start a diet, and exercise..and to all those house repairs..and…..

Looking Like Two Too Many

If you are bored on a Saturday afternoon, and remember that you haven’t posted at your blog in a very long time, you might just need to do something silly. This was taken with my camera phone. My vanity has three mirrors, if you tilt them just right you can see life from several angles at once. It makes you think: that you need a shave and a haircut.

Looking Like Movember

There exists somewhere in a family member or friend’s possession a picture of yours truly wearing long hair and a fuzzy mustache. If it is ever produced and published you can compare it with this awesome look. Click on the image for a closer look.

I grew the ‘stache for a good cause – Movember. The men in my office had a few laughs and our girlfriends and spouses were – uh- supportive in their own ways. I came in second in a very tight race for best mustache. I voted for the winner, he voted for me…but he edged me out by one vote. Remember this in the primaries. Every vote counts.

Looking Like A Reject From ‘Fame’

I was a member of the L.C. Singers as a Junior and Senior at Lake Catholic. I look back on those days fondly, but regret some of the choreography. So did the choreographers, as we gave several of them a very hard time. I have several stories from these days.

We would perform at various corporate events and banquets – most often around the holidays. At on such ‘gig’ (we were performers so we called them gigs) our snazzy uniforms were a nearly exact match as the waiters. As we approached the makeshift stage, a nice matronly type tugged on my friend’s sleeve and asked “Could we get some more roast beef, dear?” Without missing a beat (we were musicians, after all) my comrade said “Why of course!” I don’t know if she ever got more roast beef.