Master of Sock Puppets

I recently found a cache of pictures from my childhood. That can be fun. It is made even more fun these days because today’s technology allows a much larger audience to reminisce with you. I scanned several and shared them on Facebook.

Here is a cropped version for the latest “Looking Like..” entry. I look like a kid who realizes he’s got a pretty crummy sock puppet, but also sees that his classmates are not really doing much better.  I really don’t have a great memory for details of grade school. This day day I do remember, however. That was a wool sock and by the time our little story-time play was over my hand and forearm were blazing, itching mess. I also vaguely remember that there was some drama with my mother that morning surrounding my last minute demand for a fully-formed billy goat sock puppet. Poor woman. I suspect that my brother Joe was mysteriously missing one of his socks soon before school started.