I still think it is festive

There is an annual Christmas event we attend at the Lake Farmpark called Country Lights. The best part for the kids is a Santa’s Workshop where volunteer elves help the children make wooden toys. This year we brought home a penguin, a pirate ship, a jet plane and an angel fish. I’m certain that they call it a generic angel fish rather than Nemo to avoid the licensing fees and possible cease and desist. But we all know it is Nemo.

The highlight for me is a ride in a wagon pulled by a team of two draft horses. The circuit is festooned with lights representing holiday and fairy tale scenes. This year there was a gentle snowfall to add to the Currier and Ives vibe. We also had a wagon to ourselves, which allowed us the have a Christmas sing-along. Our singing couldn’t have been to bad. The horses didn’t bolt.

I thought I would get in the Christmas spirit and wear one of my snazzier ties. It is covered in baseballs wearing Santa hats. Fun, right? I showed it to my seven-year-old. He loves baseball, so I thought he would love my tie. Not so much, it tuns out.