That 15 Guitarists meme

I usually don’t cross post from Facebook (or anywhere, really) to my little blog. But this exercise seemed to bring out some things that might be interesting given my post a couple of days ago about Guitarists, Guitar Players and Guitar Owners.

I was tagged to name 15 Guitarists in 15 minutes. Here is my list:

  1. Les Paul – had a record of his with Mary Ford when I was a kid. My dad told me he was a pioneer and THEY NAMED A FREAKING GUITAR AFTER HIM
  2. Peter Buck – I had a major REM phase
  3. Django Reinhardt  – another pioneer and a cool name
  4. Pat Metheny – If for no other reason than “As Falls Wichita,So Falls Wichita Falls” is a great name for an album
  5. Joe Walsh “In the City” and ILBTS. Nuff Said
  6. Pete Townsend. OK – Pete is a bit of a head case, but the Who rocked. And his White City album was great too. And don’t forget “Let My Love Open The Door”
  7. Roy Clark – Hee Haw was on in the house when I was a kid. In retrospect, probably more for Gunilla Hutton than Roy. But all is well that ends well. And Gunilla…wow!
  8. Brad Paisley. Damn good player and a Browns fan.
  9. Ted Nugent – riff on Cat Scratch Fever was EPIC. He is really funny and a gun rights advocate.
  10. George Benson – smooth. I like smooth.
  11. Mark Knopfler – Money For Nothing. Brothers In Arms. Check out Local Hero and Screenplaying. (You are welcome in advance)
  12. Jim Mackey – Full Action Hose
  13. Mike Curry – Full Action Hose
  14. Rob Ervin – taught me the chords to Fisherman’s Blues. The first song I could play on the guitar
  15. Roger McGuinn – listen to Turn, Turn, Turn

Tell me who I missed in the comments.