Best day ever

Today the whole family spent the whole day together. Swimming lessons were followed by a

Pay no attention to the header

I’m just playing around. I realize there is a faint trace of blue border…and I

I just upgraded WordPress

So if things are pretty FUBAR here….shoot me an email. Thanks

Looking like a bald eagle

Ok – Breaking the series theme. This is a picture the Lovely Joyce took at

*tap* *tap* Is this thing on?

Ok, I confess. I have been a slacker in posting here. I think I warned

Looking Like Alfred E. Neuman

This is a side-by-side comparison. I’m the one on the right. You can learn more

Looking Like, Totally Eighties

This must be from about 1986 or 1987. The shadows make it look like I

Looking Like a Kid at Christmas

I’m still looking for the image of me in my red Indians jersey. But the

Looking Like A Cowboy

But why stop at one embarrassing picture? If I am looking at this Christmas picture

Looking Like A Televangelist

Here is the deal. The Indians are having a throwback weekend and making it 1977.