Looking Like Beer and Chips

A camera phone picture taken at my company’s holiday party. I’m not much of a card player and I’ve only been to Vegas once. When it was announced that this years theme was a Monte Carlo night, I was just hoping I would not embarrass myself. The dealers were very kind and the fellow players were not too cutthroat, at least at the beginning. A good time was had by all. Players could cash out at the end of the evening with raffle tickets for the very nice door prizes. Joyce and tried for several prizes, and won the fast food basket.

Looking Like Movember

There exists somewhere in a family member or friend’s possession a picture of yours truly wearing long hair and a fuzzy mustache. If it is ever produced and published you can compare it with this awesome look. Click on the image for a closer look.

I grew the ‘stache for a good cause – Movember. The men in my office had a few laughs and our girlfriends and spouses were – uh- supportive in their own ways. I came in second in a very tight race for best mustache. I voted for the winner, he voted for me…but he edged me out by one vote. Remember this in the primaries. Every vote counts.

Looking Like A Reject From ‘Fame’

I was a member of the L.C. Singers as a Junior and Senior at Lake Catholic. I look back on those days fondly, but regret some of the choreography. So did the choreographers, as we gave several of them a very hard time. I have several stories from these days.

We would perform at various corporate events and banquets – most often around the holidays. At on such ‘gig’ (we were performers so we called them gigs) our snazzy uniforms were a nearly exact match as the waiters. As we approached the makeshift stage, a nice matronly type tugged on my friend’s sleeve and asked “Could we get some more roast beef, dear?” Without missing a beat (we were musicians, after all) my comrade said “Why of course!” I don’t know if she ever got more roast beef.

Looking Like Kid With a Complaint

It was probably 1973  or 1974. Easter, most likely. We were not inclined to such fancy duds just any Sunday. I was probably complaining about the tie. My oldest boy will whine “Oh maaaaaan!” when we tell him he has to do something he would rather not. Looking at this picture I fear I know where he gets it!

Looking Like An Altarboy

I sure seem concerned with that candle! I’m pretty certain I was in seventh grade at the time. I really wish my current parish would revert to the cassock and surplus look. For that matter I wish they would process with candles flanking the crucifix. Or pretend to give a hoot about Redemptionis Sacramentum.

Update: Hello Flickr folks. Not a toothpaste stream – not a mannequin, just having a little fun by posting what some might consider embarrassing looks from my past.  If you can’t laugh at yourself, you got problems.

Jacobs Field at 60 MPH

I was on my way home for Bowling Green yesterday. My trip took me past Jacob’s Field, and I was inspired to take this picture from my inexpensive camera phone. At about 60 miles per hour. The image turned out pretty good.

The game being played at the time turned out even better, as the Cleveland Indians secured the American League Central championship. Go Tribe!

A Sweet Sweep – Go Tribe!


The Indians Win! My camera phone captured the Indians celebrating on the field and the fans exchanging high fives in the stands after the Tribe beat the Tigers. My generous employer gave the staff a day at the ballpark. We saw my beloved Wahoos dash the hopes of the Motor City Kitties by completing a sweep. So now the magic number is three.

Looking Like an Usher

Not the singer, not the guy at the theater with a flashlight, notthe fellow who tries to squeeze “just two more” in an already packed pew.

I was a professional usher for the Lake County Captains in 2003. My brush with greatness was asking Fausto Carmona to please move the case to the video camera out of the aisle. Safety first, people!