My bucket list, and how you can help

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that I’m middle aged.  This means that I’ve already squandered at least half my chances to check items off my bucket list. Actually more than that, several things on my list are unavailable to minors.

To keep it concise, here are some items I would like to cross off.

  1. Ride in the Goodyear blimp. Goodyear is about to convert its fleet of blimps to dirigibles, so this is an urgent matter. I ask any of my friends with a direct line to Goodyear public relations the help me make this happen.
  2. Skydive. This one is simple. But I’m a pretty large guy and have the little voice inside my head saying that the parachute couldn’t handle it.
  3. Get a bad ass tattoo of St. Michael driving a sword through Satan’s head. I can’t decide if it would be in color or where I’d get it.
  4. Travel to Ireland
  5. Travel to the Vatican
  6. Buy a nice bit of land somewhere in the country with a little cabin and some water to fish in.
  7. Fly in a WWII fighter plane
  8. Kick the winning field goal in the Super Bowl. (OK – that’s not going to happen, see next item)
  9. See the Browns field goal kicker kick the winning field goal in the Super Bowl.
  10. Hit the winning home run in the World Series. (Sigh -see the next item)
  11. See the Indians win the World Series

So there you have it, the things I’d like to experience before departing this life. I don’t really expect my blog readers to help with any items other than #1. If you happen to be a member of the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Browns or a tattoo artist let’s talk.