I will not celebrate Memorial Day

American culture really has lost it’s way, I think. I saw an ad on cable TV for a local car dealership that advertised a big Memorial Day Sale. It was full of excited chatter, as we’ve come to expect from car dealers on cable TV. But this one went one beyond. It used “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang as the soundtrack. Great tune or wedding receptions and graduation parties. Totally inappropriate for anything remotely connected to the true meaning of Memorial Day.

This is why I despair. One or two people do not make a television commercial. Even low budget commercials have a whole team –  writer, producer, editors, camera operators, a director and an audio guy. How is it that not ONE of these people paused to remind the others that “Celebration” is a horrible choice of music for a Memorial Day ad?

Memorial Day is meant to remember and honor the military men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice – the sacrifice of their life – in service of our nation. How can any adult think that this is akin to a celebration? Have we strayed so far from understanding what this day is intended to represent that we only think of a day off of work and picnics?

While I think giving thanks to veterans and those currently serving in the military is important and honorable, Memorial Day isn’t even the day set aside for this,  Veteran’s Day and Armed Services Day fill this role.

Please take time time to really reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day, even if the advertisers and the rest of the world tries to distract you.