The Cavaliers need a fight song

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in full meltdown mode right now. I don’t think the season is lost just yet. But the Timberwolves DID just demolish the Cavs.  I tend to laugh rather than cry when thing go south (I’m like Booby Gibson in that respect), so I threw it out to Twitter to find the Cavs a new fight song. I got it started with It’s A Marshmallow World

Some of the best (so far):

55FreakFan Death March

brownstownbrian Why can’t we be friends?

stewmj Break your heart – taio Cruz

OSU_FTW Metallica-Sad but True

apokorny Tears of a Clown

JustANailGirl You can’t always get what ya want , 99 Problems (she protects her tweets so I’ll let her decide if she wants to share all them with you.)

For the full list check out the #CavsFightSong stream!