Searches related to Matt Keough

Matt Keough is not an extremely common name, but it only takes one other guy sharing your name to make Google related search suggestions interesting.  Don’t pretend you have not performed a vanity search of your name! When I type my name in Google, the top results all relate to the poor fellow who used to play MLB baseball.

You might think it odd that I refer to a guy who was formerly a professional baseball player as “poor guy”, but I would not trade my life for his. No way, no how.  Although we might think it was good luck to marry a former Playboy bunny, they are now divorced.  “Matt Keough Divorce” is a suggested search.

I’ve banged up my body via lack of athleticism and not minding which step of the ladder I was on. But I’ve never been drilled in the head by a ball hit off the bat of a MLB player, so another suggested search, “Matt Keough brain injury“, doesn’t apply to me either.

This humble blog does show up for “Matt Keough 2011“, which makes sense. I am Matt Keough and I did write at least a few posts in 2011.

I’m really glad nobody really cares about my “Matt Keough Stats“!

I feel fortunate that “Matt Keough arrested” is talking about the other guy as well. Behavior modification in later adulthood also gets credit for avoiding my true identity ranking well in Google for that one.

In short, while it may seem from the outside that the people in the spotlight are in a position to be envied, that really is not the case.  I wish the more famous Matt Keough nothing but better days ahead. I also wish us both less dramatic suggested search topics from Google.