All my clueless friends are coming over tonight

Bocephus got the boot. Not the cowboy boot, which I presume he already had, but the metaphorical boot out the door. I’m sure you are familiar with the story. Hank Williams Jr. had his performance on the Monday Night Football open axed because he compared President Obama to Hitler. This is a really stupid thing to do. Only he didn’t. Please watch the video. Fair warning- it is awkward.

Hank might not be the most well-spoke man, but he was not saying President Obama acts like Hitler, dresses like Hitler or is a vegetarian (like Hitler.) He was making a bad analogy. Any analogy that involves Hitler is a bad analogy, of course. It is unwise in every meaning of the word to evoke that kind of evil.

What amazes me, though, is the repetition by news sources that he compared Obama to Hitler. I guess the story was too good to check. I don’t think an honest person who watched the clip could conclude he was comparing the two men. You might just as accurately say he was comparing Boehner or Kasich to Hitler, if you applied the same (lack of) logic.

Also, while it irritates me the way the story was framed, it also irritates me that anyone would invoke the First Amendment to defend Williams. ESPN isn’t the government, and they can play pretty much any song they choose before Monday Night Football. It is not as though many people will see it anyway.