Questions from a five year old

It is easy to forget that things adults “just know” are clouded in mystery to children. Today my five year old was in the bedroom containing the bed that Joyce and I share. We have four kids, it’s safe to assume we share a bed.

He asked “why do you sleep here and Mommy sleep here?” Uh-oh! Think quick. I’m not having THAT talk with a five year old. (Even this five year old. He also said recently “I don’t like girls. Well, I like some of their faces. But I don’t like their toys.”)

I gave a true answer – I thought it was crafty because it answered his specific question. I told him I used to sleep on the side by the alarm clock, but Mommy and Daddy had to switch because Daddy hits “Snooze” too much.

He wasn’t satisfied “No, why don’t you have your OWN bed?” I just told him that I wanted to be near Mommy because she is nice.  I’m afraid he thinks I’m not all together too smart.