My boys are Browns fans

If you are from Cleveland nobody needs to tell you that of all the major sports teams, the Browns have the most loyal fan base. For some reason every fall brown and orange apparel, flags, etc reappear as sure as the crocus in the Spring.

The boys root for the Browns with varied degrees or enthusiasm

Why? I’m not sure. The less sentimental among us might point out that the team here now is really a shadow of the glory of 1964 (or 1980 even). The original team is in…I can’t even say it. The wound is still too fresh.

In spite of that, we still care enough to root for them and carve out time every Sunday they play to turn our attention to them. And mutter under our breath when the inevitably disappoint us. It builds resiliency, being a Browns fan. You learn that you can’t abandon all hope even when there hasn’t been much good news. That may be why we are raising our boys to be Browns fans.