Dusting off the vinyl – Electric Moog Orchestra

I’ve owned a USB audio interface for several months now and just finally hooked it up to the laptop. Through way too many fits and starts I was able to convert some vinyl record tracks to digital files. It still isn’t interfacing 100% correctly, but we have enough to start my series of posts sharing my eclectic music collection.

Disclaimer: I’m a strong supporter of intellectual property protection. I’m thinking most of the music I’m sharing is out of print. If the copyright holders drop me a note I’ll take it down in a heartbeat.

OK – I actually remember buying the album Music From Star Wars by The Electric Moog Orchestra with my allowance money. I’m almost certain I bought it at Lawson’s in Eastlake.

It is hard to say what I like most about this album. The big note on the front cover that says “not the original soundtrack” or the back cover notes that proclaim “We think you will find this album a stunning breakthrough in electronic music.”

Here we have cut number 3 on the A side – Imperial Attack. I actually thing the bass riff sounds a little like Billie Jean.  I can’t even begin to describe the guitar part other than to say I think it sounds like a guy playing a Moog and trying to make it sound like a guitar. In space. While under attack.