Kristen thinks Joyce is awesome

I have known Joyce all my life which is 38 years to be exact!! She has been my oldest and best confidant and friend thru almost 4 decades! She truly is one Of the most amazing people I have ever met and now she has become more than just my friend she is my family.
Growing up our families used to hang around together all the time and most summers you could find Joyce, Dan, Lori and I swimming at the pool. I look back fondly on the times we would play together and remember all of our summer adventures like it was yesterday. As we grew up and went our separate ways to different high schools we still made time to see each other and catch up in the driveway unless Joyce had to go wash her hair of course!!!
When I went off to Xavier for College Joyce and I still kept in touch and it was always a big deal to make sure we saw each other when I came home for summer and winter breaks. She was there to help me celebrate my graduation day and always cheered me on from the sidelines for whatever I wanted to achieve.
Since college Joyce and I had a chance to really get to know each other as adults and Now I really can not imagine my world without her in it. Throughout our friendship Joyce had been there for me thru the good and bad never leaving my side. She celebrated the good times, gave me a shoulder to cry on thru the bad and when all else failed she handed me a miller lite and told me silly jokes and turned on country music to get us thru the rest!

Joyce is one of the most loving, loyal, selfless and trustworthy people I know. I hope that one day I can be half the mother, wife and cook she is today! She will help anyone that needs it and is always willing to offer a kind word, hug or silly joke to make life a little easier. She helps out my grandpa without expecting anything in return. She also makes sure I am up every morning for my workouts by texting me! I could not ask for a better friend to walk thru life with! Happy 40th birthday Joyce!!!!!!