Coach Mike thinks Joyce is awesome!

Say it ain’t so, the BIG 4-0.  It’s been awhile since I celebrated this grand day, but looks like another one joins the club.  Don’t worry it’s not all down hill now, just a new chapter in your life.
You will handle it well, just as you always do.  As a Titans mom, you have done so much for our team.  YOU ARE AWESOME!  We can count on you for all the little things that need to be done, whether it is setting up for our picnics between games, collecting paperwork, taking photos, selling squares and sponsorships or just “Rooting on the Titans”, you give it your all.  I appreciate it and our team appreciates it very much.
What an asset you are and most of all, what a great positive influence you are to not only our team but your wonderful family.
Celebrate this new ERA in your life with Grand Style.  I say forget the 40 candles and bring on 40 Titans Victories this year, and if we don’t get the 40 victories, the First 40 runs we score will be for you.
Happy Happy Birthday Joyce Keough!!

From your friend and favorite travel baseball coach,

-Mike (and the Stuck Family too)