Best day ever

Today the whole family spent the whole day together. Swimming lessons were followed by a trip to play in the air-conditioned mall. Lunch at the food court was followed by a trip to the circus and french fries Friday. All the boys went to bed easily and the Tribe has the lead. AND we saw Grandma on her birthday!

Looking Like A Televangelist

Here is the deal. The Indians are having a throwback weekend and making it 1977. I kind of wish I was going on Sunday to have my son get a crooked C batting helmet. Just like the one my brother Drew got for me when I was a tyke back in the day. I don’t have a picture of me wearing it. Somewhere I have a picture of me in the red jersey. I’ll rummage through my hard drive and post it someday. For now you will have to settle for the Easter threads, 1977. At least my sister looked presentable.