A great day at the Great Geauga County Fair

Driving home from the Great Geauga County Fair my wife said “I think we have a new family tradition.” and I agree.  If your conception of a county fair is dominated by carnies and corn dogs you need to go to Geauga County and see what a real fair is all about.

I admit I am biased. My brother is a volunteer at the natural resources area so it has a very comfortable atmosphere and we feel like VIPs. But I sincerely think we didn’t have a unique experience compared to anyone else.

They boys got to fish for free, shoot bow and arrows courtesy of the Geauga Bowmen Archery Club, eat fresh fried catfish and sample (several times) carp salad on a cracker. We saw a demonstration of retrievers from the Inside the Great Outdoors Retrieving Team. We also picked up freebies from the Geauga County Sheriff’s department, Ohio Division of Wildlife, Ducks Unlimited, Ohio State Parks, Geauga Park DistrictLake Farmpark, and any other organizations. Plus, we didn’t even scratch the surface. Corn dogs are to be had.

The fair is every Labor Day weekend. If you have an opportunity to attend it is highly recommended.