23andMe Knows Me

I’m not even close to being a science geek, but I just could not resist dropping $99 on the DNA testing service at www.23andme.com. My primary interest is for ancestry information. The testing gives customers a peek at what percentage they are likely to have of European, African, Asian, Native American heritage and will also allow subscribers to connect with people who share common genetics. Fun!

23andmeThe testing also provides information about your likelihood for drug reactions, your predisposition to some diseases,  your likely health risks.

Coolest of all, this test will tell you how much Neanderthal blood is in your veins. Like, I could be Encino Man. (I’d rather be the dude in Blast From The Past, but that is another Brendan Fraser movie. I do love Mr. Perry Como.)  blastpast

I’ll have to wait a little longer to see how much Neanderthal I am because the ancestry results take longer than the health and physical attributes tests.

So far:
I’ve straighter hair than average
I have blue eyes
I’m not likely a sprinter

Spooky accurate.