Ice Skating Is Nice Skating

Another classic from my LP collection.  Frank Luther had such good advice for the children,

As November Ends

It’s the last day of November and the world seems at an end We need

Thoughts on a Tuesday before Thanksgiving

It is Tuesday night of Turkey Week and I’ll admit my willpower’s weak Soon politics

Hole Punch Haiku

The humble hole punch turns 131 today Google celebrates    

Indians win 100 again

Tribe wins 100! Tito and crew are awesome One thing left to do  

Time Marches

Late summer morning I hear drums from the high school Time keeps marching on

Haiku for a man parking selfishly

Post office, 12 Noon Sign says “Customers Only” You park and get lunch Here are

PETA asked…they started it.

There are many more reasons. The best? Bacon is delicious.   Charlotte’s Web is overrated

Ice Cream Truck

Ice cream truck in the rain No children want to to brave the showers Your

National Donut Day

A national day of donuts might bring dieters woe. Forsaking moderation, in my belly they