What the hail?

Thunder, rain, and hail Rumble and rattle windows Weird winter weather

Wintery Mixed Up

Sleet in the morning Warm breeze and rain by nightfall We dress in layers


Day six of month one Another Epiphany Recognize our King

Live PD blues

I watch them weekly No way I could do this job Cops have my respect

A silent retweet

Retreating bishops Still posting things on Twitter A silent retweet

Six strings stilled

A dusty guitar If only these hands were skilled It may sing again

No tree to see

Christmas tree is packed Decór is not as festive Joy still in our hearts

New Year, still in the teens

It is a new year We have one more in the teens Don’t want to

My Viking Face

My Viking Face ©2018 Matt Keough By Hägar’s beard I do swear Mine face doth

A poem written in haste

It is a day for poems in our school and in our homes. Sorry, but