Will thinks Joyce is awesome


Happy 40th!! You are such an awesome person, and now you also have the wisdom that age brings. One of the things that make me so proud of you is your up-beat personality. The joy that you spread as you interact with people, and your family, is infectious. People like to be around you, because you are spirit filled.

It does my heart good to see the way you and Matt are raising the boys. You are a boys Mom. (A Mom that knows how to let your sons, be boys) You allow them to explore different interests, and take risks that will help them develop into strong men. It will give them the confidence they need to succeed, and challenge themselves to be leaders.

Your volunteer work in the Church and School is something else that makes you awesome. You don’t check your Faith at the school doors, because it is part of your DNA. This example will also pay dividends for your family, and community. You know how to multi-task, and keep on keeping on.

The thing I love about most is you’re baking skills. James said it best; “yummy yummy hippo”