Time for school pictures

Well. Autumn is now officially here, I really don’t care what the calendar says or if it is meteorological autumn. I know that Fall has arrived because tomorrow is school picture day.

James (our kindergartner) decided today that he would like to wear a bow tie for his picture. I loved the idea. However, we have no bow ties in the house, particularly in his size that would match his shirt. Also, we’d run the risk that he would come home crying tomorrow because the other kids might be unaccustomed to a handsome young man wearing a bow tie.

If faced with a five-year-old coming home from school in tears, I promise you I will not tell him “It’s only because they are jealous.” You see, that was my mother’s usual reply after I had  a rough day in grade school. She may have actually felt that this was the root cause of kids being mean. I’ve always tended to notice that some kids just tend to be mean. One could argue that they are simply enjoying some popularity among their peers at a young age and that by the time they reach adulthood the world will be wise to them. But then we all know adults that really aren’t “over themselves” just yet.

So my hope for James is that he smiles that handsome huge grin of his and enjoys a good day. The photo above is your author in second grade. It would have been better with a bow tie.