The Virgin Sports Section

I know full well that including “virgin” in the title of this post will send some strange search engine traffic my way. But a pithy title is half the fun of blogging.

I’m just old school enough to savor a freshly printed newspaper at my breakfast table.The experience of stepping out one’s front door to retrieve your local daily to with the birds singing, braced by the dew in the cool morning air is something that may be lost in a generation.I love to pour a cup of freshly brewed Joe and  be the first to retrieve the Sports.

The very fact that I’m a happily married man is somewhat related to this enthusiasm.I met the Lovely Joyce on a blind date. In the first awkward moments, in an attempt to make conversation, I asked her what was the first thing she read in the Sunday paper. She said”Hal Lebovitz”. I knew then I had to marry her.

But the fruits of this marriage now makes it a very rare occasion that I actually lay hands on a pristine sports section. Our oldest (who is 7) will grab the sports section and consume almost every bit of data concerning the Indians, Captains or Cavs. There is hardly a day that I’ll see a page that isn’t crumpled, folded, mutilated or bearing the stain of a buttered bagel.

And do you know something? I wouldn’t trade it for the world.