Other Matt Keoughs

We all think we are unique, don’t we? We are. Each of us has different experiences and perspectives. Even identical twins are not really identical. The younger goes through life looking at the older and the older goes through life looking at the younger.

It is kind of like the parallax effect.  I only have two eyes, but if I hold my index finger at arm’s length and close my left eye my perception of the world shifts from when I close my right eye.

It should be no surprise, then, that the accident of having the same first and last name is an interesting and a tenuous bond, but really is not much more. Two times in the recent weeks I’ve had people mention that they know a different Matt Keough in the Cleveland area.

My curiosity is piqued at this type of revelation. I’m interested in my family’s history. My father’s family was not particularly close and the fact that my grandfather died when my father was an infant didn’t help any Keough bonding. Plus, Keoughs always seem to find some reason to feud in every generation. I don’t look at this as being difficult, I look at it as having integrity and “sticking to your guns.” As Hank Jr. sang, it’s a family tradition.

So, this is an open offer. If you stumble upon this blog post because you were Googling “Matt Keough” or even “Keough” please feel free to comment and connect. Even if we can’t determine a direct connection in familial relationship we can be friends because there is something we share!



Totally not staged. Don’t you think the smirk of the ball player and your humble blog host are a bit similar? I promise you, this was not a conscious pose on my part.







Update to the update. If you look at my public Facebook profile it has a handy list of  Other Matt Keoughs!