I guess I don’t NEED another guitar

I’m very lucky to work a growing company in Cleveland that throws fabulous parties to celebrate our milestones. Our holiday party this year was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. A cool place for a company party was made cooler by the fact that we had the run of the entire joint while we were there.

You might know that I love music and that I can sing a little, what you might not know is that I’m a guitar guy. It think it was Guitar Player magazine that once ranked the levels of guitarists. The top level is Guitarist. Just below that is Guitar Player. In the basement we have Guitar Owners.

I’m a guitar owner, and oddly enough the guitars I own are in the basement. I’ve got a Fender La Brea acoustic/electric and a Mexican Fender Telecaster. I know about five chords and have small calluses on my left hand. This still puts me in the Guitar Owner category, I reckon.

After visiting the Rock Hall, however, I’ve go the bug to get a 12 string, It is not all the R&RHoF&M fault, though. Before my recent visit I read a blog post that traced the Rickenbacker 12 string sound from the Beatles to the Byrds to the Gin Blossoms. It simply rocks. Add in the 6 string Rickenbacker that Peter Buck plays in R.E.M. and I really have a crush on that sound.

So if any of you out there have a Ricky collecting dust and you are in the bargaining mood let me know.