Glad that is over with. LeBron gets his ring

The Miami Heat won the NBA Championship last night. This means all the true blue Heat fans are ecstatic. I hear they are having a big party in a phone booth with lots of room to spare.

Back in Cleveland all sorts of wailing and gnashing of teeth have occurred, first at the prospect that LeBron would get a ring and then that he did. In one respect I am pleased that this chapter is closed. Many of my Facebook friends and Twitter pals have really had a tough time with it. I get it. He was disloyal and left us in the lurch. It was their fondest desire his Decision would never produce joy in South Beach.

I never really had a problem with his decision. I feel that it is a free market and all of us should be free to take our talents to South Beach, South America or the South Pole if it meets our goals. I still think the ESPN very special after school special Decision was a product of a self absorbed immature and unwise man. But nobody cares about Jim Gray anymore.

Cavs fans, not to mention Dan Gilbert, have held on to the hope that the Heat would somehow blow it every year and LeBron would be made a fool. Deep in our hearts we must have known that was unlikely. All the suspense is over now.

Real joy can never be found in another person’s sorrow. Now we can hope for the real joy of our Cavs doing well.