Free books? Now you have my attention.

My friend Jen is a smart cookie, a writer and a reader. But as much as I respect her opinion I also choose to ignore it from time to time. Because I fancy myself as wise and I feel nobody knows my preferences like I know my preferences.

Recently she told me how she loves her Kindle for Android application. I remarked that it  sounded fine, but I could not imagine trying to read a book in that 3.5″ screen. (May I make a detour in this story to mention my wife also downloaded the application? But she isn’t really into books, and didn’t rave about it so I didn’t really think about it much.)

Time passes by and  I forget the Kindle for Android app. After all, I have Air Horn and Whoopie cushion apps. How many apps do I really need?

But then –  a stunning revelation. Some of these books you can get are – wait for it – in the public domain. “In the public domain” is fancy lawyer talk for FREE!

I now own two new books on my Kindle for Android. Both by G.K. Chesterton. “Orthodoxy” and “What’s Wrong With The World“.

The links above may be affiliate links for some website I recently visited. I don’t care –  there isn’t much commission on FREE BOOKS. You hear me? Free Books on Amazon!!!

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