Eastlake peregrine falcons

My brother-in-law generously allowed be to borrow his 100-400 lens to try on my Canon Rebel. (Thanks Paul!) So I decided to try it out at the Eastlake fishing pier.  I expected to see ducks, didn’t see many.  However, there was a pair of peregrine falcons on the break wall with some prey they had captured.  I think it was a gull.  I will get better at using the lens, but still manged to capture a few OK shots.

Duck, Duck, Gull

Lake Erie still has a great deal of ice covering its surface. However, it also has some spots of open water. Today I saw a great number and variety of ducks and gulls. I even saw a heron.

This little red-breasted merganser swam by and gave me an opportunity to admire his red eye and beautiful feathers.
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Driftwood and Ice

When you think of driftwood you probably think of a beach. When you think of a beach you probably think of summer breezes and sunscreen. I live in Ohio and near Lake Erie. I know that summer is fleeting and that the beach is actually there in all four seasons. A couple of years ago I captured this image on my cell phone. Enjoy!


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