A Poem for Willoughby South

A Poem for Willoughby South

Today the First Amendment was abused,
as a cudgel, it has been used.

Used to shut down a high school play,
a student opera to premier today.

Children practiced for weeks, for months,
but plans were dashed all at once.

A letter from lawyers was received,
its contents were not to be believed.

Desist your plans or actions will be taken!
Injunctions will be filed, don’t be mistaken!

Your grievous threat to freedom must be halted.
Church and State separation must be exalted.

Zealots against religion went medieval
upon hearing kids may ponder good and evil.

We can’t tolerate any hint of religiosity.
Freedom of speech for the secular, but not for thee!

The episode that inspired this entry occurred at South High School.