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Ashen Valentine

Ashes are black Violets are blue It’s St. Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday, too

As November Ends

It’s the last day of November and the world seems at an end We need

Choosing Your Name

Confirmation name Yes, it has to be a saint Your turn to choose, son  


Church in the morning A perfect family feast Our Thanksgiving Day


Day of archangels Saint Michael is still fighting Victory assured Below is a great piece

Some days

Some days don’t feel fun One must seek perspective, then Time to count blessings


Humility is out of fashion “Me first!” has become the passion Being last has lost

Qoheleth’s Warning

Qoheleth warns us Vanity of vanities Vanity, all things  

Tommy’s First Communion

First Communion Day Tom’s faith journey continues God bless you, my boy