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Three drummers drumming I am watching my boys play Music to my ears

Six strings stilled

A dusty guitar If only these hands were skilled It may sing again

Ice Skating Is Nice Skating

Another classic from my LP collection.  Frank Luther had such good advice for the children,

The Best Pop Music Ever

Exuberant sounds Horns wail! Drums boom! Jumpin’ bass! Big Bands sure did swing.

Christmas Radio

Christmas radio Carols playing for weeks now Click! Turning it off

Perry Como’s Voice

Perry Como’s voice Smooth and strong with perfect pitch No equal today

Time Machine Dream

Recently I had a dream I took a trip in a time machine Sitting in

RIP Ralph Stanley

His voice falls silent “Weep not friends, I’m going home.” Goodbye Ralph Stanley More about

Nature hike

I took a walk in nature The songs of birds surrounded me Branches were staffs