Category: Humor

Wahoo’s Lament

The tribe will retire their chief It caused the Commish too much grief That red

PETA asked…they started it.

There are many more reasons. The best? Bacon is delicious.   Charlotte’s Web is overrated

National Donut Day

A national day of donuts might bring dieters woe. Forsaking moderation, in my belly they

Birdbath Breakers

Wind howling today There are waves in the birdbath We have surfing birds

Winter Apparel

Winter apparel Snow pants worn commando style Snowballs are melting

Testing her bronze mettle

Kim Kardashian Paris spray tanning crisis A dark day for her

Tents Moments

The rain continued Pelting the nylon rain fly We are dry inside

Limerick for a Big Birthday

There was a guy turning fifty He thought half a century seemed nifty In his

Writer’s Block

Wish I had a poem There must be one in my head Nope, can’t think

Time Machine Dream

Recently I had a dream I took a trip in a time machine Sitting in