Paczki Poem

Today I’m honored to present this poem from a very special guest poet, my dear wife Joyce.

My love persevered
He came home with paczkis Yes!
Happy Fat Tuesday

A very cheesy poem

My favorite cheese is Swiss
But I’d be so remiss

Not to mention bleu
No American will do

I find pepper jack
Too zesty, sort of wack

Give me endless Gouda
and I’m content as the Buddha

January, 5 PM

Long shadows cut sharp into the snow
Black against white

Sun withholds warmth but gives her light
Frosted panes, refracting

In a moment even light will be gone
We must mind our fires

Ice Skating Is Nice Skating

Frank Luther Songs of Safety

Another classic from my LP collection.  Frank Luther had such good advice for the children, paired with singalong melodies.

In this track, we learn that we can’t skate on ice that’s too thin or we will fall right in. There will also be icicles up to your chin. Same goes for ice fishing and hockey. Guess Frank wasn’t that thorough after all, was he?