The March

Thousands are marching Some say “anti” some say “pro” They shall overcome

Peace requires a short memory

I swear I forgive There’s no malice in my heart Won’t drink that poison


These old tapes are saved and we watch Times were changing and we didn’t see

Humble Stumble

Sleet ain’t neat when it causes your feet to slip and slide and tumble. Just


Mondays can be tough Made worse by petty people Thank goodness for friends

Black ice

Snow-covered pavement January sun will melt Refreezing tonight

The mechanic has my car

Unexpected stroll Two miles and then one half more I’m in no hurry

Speaker phone

Heard water gurgle Did someone use the bathroom? It’s just a fish tank


“Hi! Are you calling?” I’m sorry, but you called me. “Please share your number.”

Cooking with gas

Browns named the new coach A Kitchens renovation We’re cookin’ with gas!