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Thoughts on a Tuesday before Thanksgiving

It is Tuesday night of Turkey Week and I’ll admit my willpower’s weak Soon politics

Count your syllables

It is Monday, yes National Haiku Day, too Count your syllables


The star passed away RIP becomes the meme Shallow, but sincere        

Wi-Fi Goes Bye-Bye

We all need Wi-Fi New devices overwhelm Guess we have to talk

Phone From Home

I brought you the phone Delivered it with much haste Too many driveways __________________________ In

Public Square in the Holiday Season

Public Square glowing Cleveland is decorated Winter nights made bright   Festive Public Square. Cleveland,

Christmas Radio

Christmas radio Carols playing for weeks now Click! Turning it off


Abundant mistrust Factions fighting to fracture Lusting for power    

Cast Away Your Cares

“To-do” list is checked Let’s head to the pond and fish Cast away your cares

Tale of the Half-Blind Watch Dog

Ink-stained watchdog blind in one eye Took a deep nap and eight years passed by