Month: February 2019

Prez Getting Played

Kissing tyrant ass Pretending he’s a hero Kim Jong-Un trumps him

Take your vitamins

A sore scratchy throat Sneezing like a snuff addict Take your vitamins


Three drummers drumming I am watching my boys play Music to my ears

The Wind and the Dark

Tonight the wind roars The gusts will prove disruptive Darkness all around

Lonesome Lake

A beach in Winter Ice and debris in the sand No picnics today

Human Misery

Human misery Live and in color tonight Watching LivePD

Two Thumbs Up

Such a simple sign A way to show approval Give me two thumbs up

Running Late or the Tale of the Lost Substitute Bus Driver

Mr. Bus Driver Guy I saw you speeding by directions in your hand At the

Be Kind

Dare to show kindness For kindness is a virtue You will feel better

President’s Day

It’s President’s Day Honoring a few or all? Must be just a few