Looking Like A Reject From ‘Fame’

I was a member of the L.C. Singers as a Junior and Senior at Lake

Looking Like Kid With a Complaint

It was probably 1973  or 1974. Easter, most likely. We were not inclined to such

Looking Like An Altarboy

I sure seem concerned with that candle! I’m pretty certain I was in seventh grade

Looking Like A Choirboy

This was 1983 – I think. And it is fairly obvious I was in choir.

Jacobs Field at 60 MPH

I was on my way home for Bowling Green yesterday. My trip took me past

A Sweet Sweep – Go Tribe!

  The Indians Win! My camera phone captured the Indians celebrating on the field and

Looking Like an Usher

Not the singer, not the guy at the theater with a flashlight, notthe fellow who

More Pictures Coming

My big brother recently emailed a few pictures of me in my role as a

The MatthewK.com Brand

Much of my daily work life is concerned with developing, promoting and protecting my clients’

The New Look

When I started this blog, I stated that I was doing it to play around