Coke Zero or diet Pepsi MAX?

I’m out of my Diet Dr. Pepper phase. I now must decide between Coke Zero

Looking like a land lubber

A recent pose from the deck of a ship that does not sail. I’m wearing

Looking like a ghost town

What can I tell you? Four kids and a job that has me working from

Now That Hurts

I’m fond of Facebook. Sometimes, however, the error messages are unintentionally insulting. In the wee

The Beat Goes On

John, Uncle Drew and the drums of Christmas morning.

Looking Like Two Too Many

If you are bored on a Saturday afternoon, and remember that you haven’t posted at

Looking Like Beer and Chips

A camera phone picture taken at my company’s holiday party. I’m not much of a

Looking Like Movember

There exists somewhere in a family member or friend’s possession a picture of yours truly

Where Are You, Matt?

I’m right here. But posting has been light. Family stuff, work stuff and a lack

Looking Like A Reject From ‘Fame’

I was a member of the L.C. Singers as a Junior and Senior at Lake