Looking Like an All-Star

Our eldest is crazy about baseball. From morning until night everyday the topic will usually

The Foibles of Unfriending

I’d not be at all surprised to find that there are armies if doctoral students

Master of Sock Puppets

I recently found a cache of pictures from my childhood. That can be fun. It

Where does the time go?

I decided to log in and start bloggin’ again. I’ve been tweeting and active on

It’s Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day. My boys provided many good memories for Joyce.  Memories are a funny thing. You

Matt Keough’s Blog Part Deux

It seems that the administrative and technical issues are mostly resolved. A small consideration, if

Pardon our digital dust

I’ve just upgraded the WordPress version and database required for the blog, so it may be a

The Virgin Sports Section

I know full well that including “virgin” in the title of this post will send some strange

Lame and Matt both have four letters

But so do “cool” and “dude”, so back off.   I thought that the first post

Matt is back

I never really went away. I’ve just not posted in some time. Sorry if you