Dropping some old school polka rhymes

I posted Hang On Sloopy in the polka style earlier. It was from an album

Age of Aquarius – why was it so popular?

Part of the fun of my record collection is that I’m amused by songs that

Hang On Sloopy – Polka Style!

My LP digitization project continues. After I posted a link to Hawaiian style organ music,

Hawaiian Magic gets me in a skating mood

My random grab into the big record bin produced Hawaiian Magic by Ken Griffin.  This

An opportunistic “Salute”?

The album I pulled from my big record bin today was released in 1980 and

Phantom 3rd Channel!

Yes, I do like to pick up odd albums at the thrift store. And even

Time for school pictures

Well. Autumn is now officially here, I really don’t care what the calendar says or

I am not a warlock

Given the furor over the recently revealed video of Christine O’Donnell saying she dabbled in

The rarity of silence

I’ve watched some of the coverage of Benedict XVI as he visited the UK these

Dusting off the vinyl – Electric Moog Orchestra

I’ve owned a USB audio interface for several months now and just finally hooked it